From I-5

5224 Wilson Ave. S
Suite 202
Seattle, WA 98118

Yahoo Interactive Map

  1. Take the Columbian Way exit (exit 163A) and head east in the direction of Bellevue, WA. 
       NOTE: Once you get off I-5, Columbian Way initially heads east until the first light at S. Spokane
       St. where it heads south for a short while.  Do not turn on S. Spokane St.  Columbian Way will head east again.
  2. Stay on Columbian Way past Beacon Avenue and past Martin Luther King Jr Way.
  3. Turn LEFT at the traffic light at Rainier Avenue.
  4. Turn RIGHT at the traffic light at Genesee St.
  5. Turn RIGHT at the blinking red light at 50th Ave.
  6. Drive straight through 2 blinking red lights.  By the time you go through the second blinking red light, 50th Ave. has turned into Wilson Ave. S.
  7. At the corner of the second blinking red light (S. Dawson St.) you’ll see Four Paws Vet on your left.  5224 Wilson Ave S. is the very next building on your left.
  8. There is good parking on the street.
  9. The front door is on Wilson Ave S.  Walk up the main stairs or take the elevator to the second floor.  Turn left to walk toward the back of the building where you will find Suite 202.  For a Child and Dr. Jennifer White are in the same suite.