§     “Dr. White helped me manage (and, hopefully, cure!) a chronic condition that I have battled with for most of my life.  But even more than heal me, she worked with me one on one to build my confidence, educate me, and address my situation holistically.  She is an active listener who truly responds to the individual needs of her patients and brings significant knowledge, depth, and compassion to each visit.  I high recommend her to anyone, and especially to those who are burdened by chronic or complex issues.”
       L.D.  –West Seattle, 2013

§     “Dr. White was wonderful!  I was traveling by myself from out of state with my little boy (11months).  He started a nasty stomach flu, and by the end of the day, he hadn’t kept anything down, was vomiting a couple times an hour, and was very lethargic with a fever, not wanting to nurse.  It was my first severe illness to deal with as a mom, and here I was 1000 miles from home and a flight in the morning!  I worried my boy would get dehydrated and we would end up in the ER. My first choice at home is homeopathy, so I did a search, found Dr. White’s afterhours number, and she was gracious enough to see us that evening.  After detailing his case she tried a remedy, and within 10 minutes, my lethargic little boy was more alert and ready to nurse!  She spent over an hour with us to make sure she found the right remedy and that it was effective, she called to check up on us and was willing to meet again early if we needed to re-evaluate.  We had a good flight home, and my boy made a quick recovery.  Dr. White is an excellent naturpathic doctor and I highly recommend you check her out!”
       C.P.  –Ceresco, NE, 2012

§     “When I began working with Dr. White, I knew right away that this was going to be a different health care experience.  She spent a lot of time talking to me about my life – family, home/work environments, job, leisure activities, and detailed health history.  Dr. White understands that the health of my body is a reflection of my emotional and physical self.  She was able to see that the myriad of small, seemingly unrelated symptoms, were, in fact, related.  As a homeopathic specialist, she was able to address the symptoms holistically.  I feel that we made great strides in achieving my health goals – relief from stubborn sinusitis and sinus infections, lessened inflammation, improved immune system, relief from allergies, and while I still have a gallstone, I have not had to undergo invasive surgery to remove the organ.  I highly recommend Dr. White to my friends and acquaintances who are interested in achieving optimal health and well-being.”
H.B.  –Seattle, WA, 2011

§     “Dr. White has helped my five-year-old son immensely.  He has numerous severe food allergies, a diseased esophagus, and some very challenging behavioral characteristics.  Dr. White has helped him to begin the healing process with some major results already, which has brought much peace to our family as a whole and improved my son’s quality of life.  I feel a great deal of trust and hope in Dr. White as our guide to our son’s health.”
       C.DM-B.  –Seward park, Seattle, WA, 2011

§     “Dr. White’s technique for finding the correct, gentle homeopathic remedy that was the right “fit” for me was as gentle as the remedies themselves.  She’s an excellent listener and somehow translates what she’s hearing you say into a naturopathic treatment that is the right path for you, personally.  I can’t imagine, now, having gone with any other type of treatment.  The homeopathic remedy brought me carefully and “quietly” back to feeling well, after a hysterectomy that had “thrown my whole system off” and made me ultra-sensitive to the various prescriptions my gynecologist had me try at first.  It took time, but Dr. White helped me regain a natural balance in my system; my body that had felt so “foreign” to me after surgery, feels like my own again.”
J.T.  –Seattle, WA, 2011

§     “Dr. White is a wonderful doctor bringing compassion, integrity and knowledge to her work. I can say with complete honesty that my work with her has been the catalyst in my journey of health and well-being. I am excited when I am able to refer family and friends to Dr. White, knowing their care is in such competent and caring hands.”
       S.R.  –Redmond, Washington, 2011