Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is common to modern life.  With the fast pace of advancing technologies there seems to be a belief that our bodies adapt at the same rate.  But, this isn’t the case.  The human body still needs the basic necessities of clean air, clean water, clean food and clean medicine.  Without these, not only will there be deficiencies but there will also be damage.

Undoubtedly, new technologies in medicine have helped emergency care and diagnosis of disease.  And, while pharmaceutical medication is sometimes warranted (such as in life-threatening events or to spare immediate damage to organs), it often only holds symptoms at bay and requires the person to be on the medicine for a long time, if not the rest of a person’s life.  Many times pharmaceutical medication (along with other harsh chemicals in our environment) are the culprits to making the body reactive and causing chronic illness.

Recovering from chronic illness requires that a person goes back to the basics.  Rebuilding a solid foundation for health by ensuring clean living and nutrition while stimulating one’s own healing ability.  It’s the best approach for longevity of health without the use of medication.  Our bodies know how to heal themselves as anyone who’s watched a cut heal before their very eyes can attest.  This activity must be stimulated in order to overcome chronic illness.  Your own ability to heal is without doubt a powerful influence in getting you out of whatever degree of suffering you are in.  Whether it’s autism or ADD/ADHD, asthma, autoimmune disease, cancer or a pre-cancerous condition, heart disease or hypertension, your body’s ability to heal must be activated and gotten back on track.