Children & Families

Children are bundles of energy.  Their healing potential is accessible and easy to stimulate.  Just watch when they have an acute injury.  You can almost see the tissues rebuilding right before your eyes.  Children also have developmental needs to make sure this potential is directed in the right ways so they can build the foundation for healthy living in their adult years.

A child who is suffering from illness, emotional instability, or mental lack of clarity is not the same as an adult suffering from these ailments.  Because children are developing skills, any setback interrupts their solid foundation.  It’s important to address these troubles as soon as possible so the gap in their learning is minimally interrupted.  Dr. White is dedicated to helping children build this solid foundation, and it’s the reason she offers a reduced rate for children.

Dr. White has helped my five-year-old son immensely.
He has numerous severe food allergies, a diseased esophagus,
and some very challenging behavioral characteristics.
Dr. White has helped him to begin the healing process
with some major results already, which has brought much peace
to our family as a whole and improved my son’s quality of life.
I feel a great deal of trust and hope in Dr. White
as our guide to our son’s health.
-C.DM-B., Seward park, Seattle, WA

Often the child’s state of illness is related to the experience in pregnancy of the mother.  It’s important for Dr. White to understand the circumstances surrounding conception, pregnancy, birth, and the neonatal experience of motherhood.  Likewise, sometimes the difficulties in pregnancy can be a product of the union of child and mother.  Dr. White not only looks at the physiological demand of pregnancy and balancing recovery and use of energy, but she also looks at the psychoemotional bond forming between these two life partners.