Homeopathy is a beautiful medicine.  I say beautiful because it is gentle and graceful in its healing effects.  It shifts a person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states to bring about wellness.  Homeopaths generally believe that illness, even the most simple of them, doesn’t just affect one level of interaction with the world.  In other words, homeopaths generally believe that illness encompasses a combination and blending of all these states.  Thus healing also has a perceptible effect in these areas in people being treated.  At the heart of homeopathic philosophy and methodology is the idea of vitalism, that is, we all have vital energy that guides our life processes.

Homeopathy is a form of healing that stimulates the body’s ability to heal.  Just as your body can heal itself from a cut, it can heal itself from other injuries and illnesses as well.  Homeopathy stimulates the body’s natural healing ability, or vital energy.

In illness, the body loses its way of knowing how to heal itself, and it needs proper stimulation to get back on tract.  In addition to the stimulation of the vital energy, it’s important to remove obstacles to cure, build a good nutritional foundation, strengthen individual organs, and detoxify the body.  This is why Dr. White combines homeopathy with other forms of treatment to bring about a deeper sense of well-being. yoga, peace