Healing is overcoming physical discomfort.  But, it’s also much more than this.  It’s feeling good physically and emotionally while having clear, focused mental ability and a sense of purpose, belonging and passion in life.  At times, we have all sought out simple fixes resulting in a temporary disappearance of symptoms.  And while some of these times have lead to enjoyment by way of getting rid of symptoms, other times symptoms have disappeared but you find yourself still unfulfilled and feeling unwell.  Deeper healing is a process of self discovery, and it involves the person beyond their symptoms.

Learning about human biology and your unique expression of this biology helps you better function in the world.  It gives you the tools to live a life that supports who you are and the way you choose to live while living within the constraints of being alive.  Learning about yourself helps you get along better in life– with other people and with yourself.

A doctor can provide your body the tools to function at its optimal capacity.  But, healing comes from within.  It comes from your source, your spirit, your life potential– it comes from your capacity to hold and foster strength.  That fire of deep strength guides your living, your forward progress, and your healing.  Look at your life.  Has that flame continued to build or has it nearly been extinguished?  Have the turmoils of living weakened your resolve?  Have you had illness that you never fully recovered from?  Or, are you living the high-life while you burn through your reserves putting off the crash for the future?

You can kindle the flame or burn it out.  When you burn it out, you can restart it.  The more that fire burns steadily, continuously and contained, the more longevity you have.  Health is maintaining that flame so that it continues to burn bright throughout life’s transitions.  This is all good in theory but in actuality it has truth too.  This fire of deep strength needs to pervade throughout your body in order for your body to not produce the physical symptoms of illness.

Dr. White works with people in all stages of the healing process.  Healing is continuous throughout life as the body has to rebuild after breaking down (i.e. the catabolic process of breaking down to release energy).  When recovery balances energy use, wellness and your best performance is achieved.  Your whole person is involved in living life.  Dr. White will assist you in bringing all your assets to function for you so that you live life with the most success.